Project Description


During my internship at SAP, I worked on four dashboards which are live on the SAP website. Two were for business analytics and the other two were for predictive analytics. The goal was to show how the customers can utilize the application in order to showcase their data in a presentable way.

Working on these dashboards, I learned not just how to make a visually appealing design, but also how to tell a story with it. When putting so much information is on one screen, it is important to use color and formatting to guide the user.

The timeline for completing these dashboards was three days. Two days were for creating them, getting feedback and iterating. The third day was for final tweaks and review. The next day after it went live on the website for all BOC customers to see.

This is a close up shot of one of the dashboards I worked on. It is showcasing the IBCS standards with versions.

 The dashboard I worked on is to the right. This chart showcases time series forecasting in predictive analytics. For this project I used Sketch to create and design the visuals while working with the predictive product experts and interns. This was to ensure that we were representing the feature to its fullest potential.

The dashboard I worked on is to the left. I worked with the UX design lead Sarah Menard as well with other team members, product experts and product interns to ensure the data we were using to create these charts were representative of what users can accomplish in the application today.