Project Description

Working on the Mobile Application

During my time interning as a user experience designer on the SAP Analytics Cloud team, I had the opportunity to work on the first release of the SAC mobile application. During the six months of design and development, I was mentored by Brianna Huxtable, a user experience design specialist on the team and had the opportunity to work directly with senior iOS developers in Vancouver and San Diego. This experience helped me build an understanding of how web and native app capabilities can come together to build an iOS application. The first release of this application was delivered a few days earlier than expected.

Software Used for This Project

  • Framer Studio

  • Flinto

  • Sketch

  • Adobe Illustrator

Prototyping for the iPad

Prototyping for the iPhone

  • When working on mobile interactions, I learned to provide different variations of an interaction to developers in case of technical or time constraints.
  • I learned to create user interfaces for touch screens such as allowing enough padding for buttons.
  • Working on mobile allowed me the opportunity to work with Lead designers and prototype a business case which would get shown to high up stakeholders.

SAP Analytics Cloud iOS Logo

  • As a UX Design Intern, I worked with Brianna Huxtable and Ezequiel Perdomo, two UX Design Specialists in developing this logo. It was a collaborative process of looking at existing SAP logos, hand paper sketches, and digitizing these in our software program, Sketch.

Onboarding Experience

  • Worked on background image placement and ensuring the graphics were consistent in portrait and landscape mode.
  • Iterated on various animations for the login screen UI in After Effects

Visualizing Data


  • Reviewing mockups and ensured the UI met the iOS standards.
  • Providing feedback to the main designer responsible for collaboration and a second opinion to the workflows.
  • Provided advice on prototyping interactions in Flinto.

Empty States

Offline State

  • When designing an offline state we had to consider colour blindness
  • We also considered a UI design which would fit in with the style of our web application