Project Description

Project Details

  • Designing a new visualization for the application

  • Building a presentation which fit within the SAP Analytics Brand

  • Working with developers to design a use case which would showcase our features potential for the product

  • Working with developers to design two dashboards which would visually showcase our feature

  • For this hackathon, I mainly worked in Sketch and PowerPoint. Since most of the members of our team work on a PC, we used PowerPoint over Keynote.

Presentation Slides

  • Since we place first overall, not all of the slides can currently be shown. The following slides of the presentation below are a mixture of exploration and final ones which actually went into the final presentation.

  • The goal of the presentation slides was to highlight the key point of each sentence.

Key Learning Points

  • Communication: In such a short period of time, clear communication is important between developers and designers as there is not a lot of time to make changes or redo anything large.

  • Iterating quickly: Checking in constantly and learning to iterate quickly was also a key learning point. I realized although we were under a large time constraint, that we shouldn’t get stuck on one idea too soon. As the user experience designer on the team, I made it my role to present as many ideas to the developers early on in the process so that we could compare visuals and together, try to form the best design.